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Our Photo Survey taken at the Jester Festival 30 June - 1 July 2012

The NDF photo survey was taken at the Jester Festival on Fortune Green on 30June - 1July 2012. People passing our stall were asked to look at the pictures and tick the boxes “Love it, Hate it, No comment”, and make comments if they wanted. The results, verbatim where we could read the writing, are as below. The numbers in each box relate to the number of ticks, we assumed that a comment would be accompanied by a tick.
  Love it No comment Hate it
  Number of votes in each category, and any comments.
Shops on Mill Lane 118 3 0
Need more; Hooray, lovely, more like this on Fortune Green Road please; flat development also looks good.    
New seating area in front of Library 101 9 1
Good but should have been 3 or 4 separate benches; nice; very nice; excellent. No cleaning provided, now a rubbish dump but an improvement; waste of money during a recession; Money donated by a private donor; waste of money improvement. Should have spent it on books
New Thames link Station 86 3 4
Very nice; great design; modern – nice; looking forward to farmers market; more boulevard; great new street scene in West Hampstead; just thankful there are still exits on both sides of the tracks; need benches please; longer to get to but it looks nice; use it. Market place outside; we should use the space for a weekly market. Could have been more creative in using the space inside and outside ; ditto; how about some seats useful stalls outside; looks OK how about using the space; need benches Lighting not good at night.
View down Hillfield Road 79 8 2
Gorgeous. Beautiful; shame about the estate agents board; OK.  
West End Green area 76 3 4
  A mess, should be improved for the community; Dull paving; too much dog poo; the green needs doing up. Pigeons
Leafy Solent Road 73 2 3
  OK Too many cars
New houses on Mill Lane 66 10 37
Very nice; sustainable OK; OK; Great; clean design; nice design but extortionate for the size of the houses; very small, very expensive; ok; ok. Should have had front gardens not drives; ugly; ugly; does not fit in with environment.
Extra floor added to mansion block on west end lane 51 21 3
Blends; OK; well done; v good. Didn’t know it had been done; did not notice it; it goes with existing building.  
1 Mill Lane Apartments 39 13 11
Blends in well OK; Not sure; Average Too tall;Too tall
Infill house on Ravenshaw Street 36 17 18
Love it; great; lovely; vg. not bad; not bad; half good half bad; brick fits in, windows ok, maybe juts out too much; why white; not bad. poor; not in keeping; not in keeping; too modern for the street.
Zero carbon house on Ranulf Road 25 18 24
  Nice but how sustainable is the wood. Interesting. Ugly; ugly; ugly; took up too much road and pavement on a blind corner.
Emmanuel School 35 16 51
Colour of bricks will stand the test of time; needed regardless of appearance; well proportioned well detailed; not bad; not love but its pretty good; very good ; great design. Not sure about purple bricks; brickwork rather dark; brickwork wrong, design ok; ok but why white; colour?; why were red bricks not used in keeping with the area; colour of bricks; great its extended but bad design; good thing to extend the school shame about the grey bricks; love this school not the design. Don't like dismal grey brick; no red bricks, everything else is red brick; too near street; ugly; grey; ugly; ugly; frontage too far out, too high, what are the bumps on the roof; why is it grey and out of character with the rest of the street; awful; why grey; disgusting brickwork does not look good with other buildings; why grey? looks like an architects office in Berlin; why grey industrial brick shame on you Camden; why is it built on the pavement?; industrial building grey brick.
Conversion of Offices on Sumatra Road 9 18 29
  OK Safety, ugly; more trees; shockingly ugly and cheap looking
Paved over gardens 6 28 29
Who cares; none of our business. OK; Nice garden to sit in. Environmentally unsound; Shame!; ok; bad for foundations; awful; nasty; too much run off.
New Building in Maygrove Road 5 8 33
  good functionality, very poor exterior design, low brick wall security risk for residents. need trees; front looks like office building.
Buildings on Maygrove Road 2 13 32
Flats behind Synagogue 19 17 57
  Does not go with red brick. Too high.
New Houses on Gondar Gardens 16 11 64
OK here; quite nice look and good sized windows; Successful infill. OK some issues with brick; wrong design does not match the surroundings . Wild life; looks like an industrial building not a home; ugly; ugly; ugly; too much grey;
New House on Mill Lane 10 8 54
    Awful; ugly; ugly; not in keeping; poor; urgh; terrible eyesore; not in keeping.
Ellerton on Mill Lane 7 7 78
Classic Sydney Cook era architecture; looks like a giant snail but it is monumental; Love it, from the inside top floor. Don’t like it; Monster ugly. Demolish; horrible design; height.
Travis Perkins 2 8 74
  Rather indifferent. Demolish; horrible design; height.