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  • The National Planning Policy Framework is a key part of the Government's reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible, to protect the environment and to promote sustainable growth. All plans in the Uk (maybe just England?) must fit within these policies.

  • The London Plan, the Mayor's plan for London within which Camden's plans and our NDP must fit

  • Local Development Framework (LDF) Camden's Local Development Framework (LDF), which replaced the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) in November 2010, is a collection of planning documents that (in conjunction with national planning policy and the Mayorís London Plan) sets out the strategy for managing growth and development in the borough, including where new homes, jobs and infrastructure will be located.

  • West End Green Conservation Area Management strategy.

  • West Hampstead Place Plan: The final version of the West Hampstead Place Plan is now published. An update was published in January 2013, available here.

  • West Hampstead Site Allocations: Camden Council has published a draft Site Allocations document for the borough. (for those who can't face reading a 173 page document, the 3 sites in West Hampstead are on pages 120-128). Ancilliary information is available here.

  • Camden Council Neighbourhood Planning Camden Council has web pages describing Neighbourhood Planning in the borough.

  • The Camden Plan 2012-2017. LB Camden has developed five strategic objectives that will be its focus over the next five years, acting as the framework for reform.

  • The second edition of the Camden Streetscape Design Manual for the London Borough of Camden is available for purchase. Its purpose is to raise the standard of street works consistently throughout the borough. Not only does the Manual set standards for the Councilís own works, but it is also intended as a guide for contractors, developers, public utilities and other private agencies.

  • Shaping the Future of the West Hampstead area Consultation document 26 May 2011.

Links to Local Organisations
(Local organisations which we have identified as having some interest in the NDP. It is not an exhaustive list. Those in green are links to their websites.)

Links to Significant Planning Applications

  • Third planning application for Gondar Gardens Reservoir November 2013. To see the application details go to L B Camden's planning website www.camden.gov.uk/planning/ and look for application 2013/7585/P or this will take you directly. A copy of the Planning Statement is available here.
    The Appeal decision for the third Gondar Gardens application can be seen on our website here.

  • The planning application for 159-161 Iverson Road (2013/7505/P) is available here on LB Camden website.The planning statement is available on our site here.(2Mb)

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